iOrgans Technology:

iOrgans Technology, our technology platform, is based on the understanding of the operating principles of organ-to-organ cross-talks in our body. It consists of three components, R-, F- and D-iOrgans, each allowing for the following:

1. R-iOrgans captures the earliest sign(s) of a disease(s).

2. F-iOrgans identifies molecular targets for effective pre-emptive treatments of potentially irreversible disease conditions, should the treatment(s) be late.

3. D-iOrgans identifies new disease targets for drugs (i.e., drug repositioning) and also provides the comprehensive body-wide survey for drug safety.

We take advantage of such unique features of iOrgans Technology to develop diagnostic systems, drugs, and computational tools and other technology-related products to contribute to the improvement of quality-of-life of mankind and all living systems.