Our Technology


R-iOrgans is proprietary technology to watch inter-organ crosstalk system in our whole body and capture the earliest sign(s) of a disease(s).

Renal diseases (e.g., chronic kidney disease) and their subsequent complications are currently incurable. By the time that their conditions are identified by the conventional diagnostic methods (e.g., blood and urine tests, etc., they are already irreversible. Hence, a method that could capture their earliest sign(s) may find their conditions at their reversible stage, leading to the potential cure of such diseases. We are currently developing a diagnostic system that could identify the earliest signals of such disease conditions. Our system is based on the findings of the inter-organ cross-talk system mediating the communications among the kidney and other organs. Furthermore, our diagnostic system under development could be used by anyone, at anywhere, requiring no expensive equipment or electricity, and will be provided at very affordable cost.